special heat exchanger designs


Special designs are considered when standard heat exchanger products do not seem to offer a practical means to achieve results desired for a unique application. HEXECO can often times provide a suitable solution or recommendation.

hydraulic pump cooling coilHydraulic pump cooling coil





stainless immersion coil 304 SS tube immersion coil





pipe-in-pipe coils double-pipe heat exchangers



combination bare and fin tube cooler Combination ambient air/chilled water cooler




bare tube immersion cooler Bare tube immersion cooler



gas to water cooler Gas-to-water cooler



tube coil in shell exchanger Coil tube-in-shell design



small stainless bundle Stainless tube bundle




multipass coolerCoolers custom - designed for small heat loads, or limited cooling space.small finned cooling coilcustom designed bayonette coolers for small heat loads

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Special Exchanger Designs

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