bare tube cooling coils



There is an incredible variety of existing bearing oil cooler designs, and if a particular style is not illustrated here contact HEXECO, Inc. for possible assistance.

bare stainless thrust and guide bearing oil coolers Bare Stainless Steel Tube Bearing Oil Coolers Duplicating Original Coils for Power Plant Pump Motors



bare cooling coil set Type "K" CWP bearing oil cooler set


bare copper cooling coils

original and replacement copper oil coolersTwo sets of replacement copper coils



bare tube oil cooler Bare tube coolers with 90/10 Cu/Ni materials replacing copper tube originals.




bare stainless oil cooler stainless cooling coilBare tube coolers with stainless materials replacing copper tube originals.




Guide Bearing Cooling Coil Bare tube guide bearing oil cooler.


bare coil with baffleBare copper cooler with baffle




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