fin tube bearing oil coolers


HEXECO, Inc. bearing oil coolers may be designed in circular, curved or straight tube configurations. Large units may consist of two or more sections for ease of shipping and installation.


thrust & guide bearing oil cooler set Sets of thrust bearing oil coolers with guide bearing coolers. bearing oil coolers


thrust bearing oil cooler guide bearing cooling coil


Access Cover cooling coil Oil coolers may be designed as part of the access covers used to service bearings. Access Cover oil cooler design

cooler for horizontal machine Bearing oil coolers for horizontal machine applications. oil cooler


cooling coil sections bearing cooler sections bearing oil coolers half sectionsBearing coolers designed in half sections.


oil cooler Finned Tube bearing oil cooler set.


bearing oil cooler Replacements for Finned Tube Oil Coolers fin tube exchanger


bearing oil coolerlarge bearing cooler with connection blocks

Large hydroplant generator thrust bearing oil coolers



There are an incredible variety of existing bearing oil cooler designs and if a particular style is not illustrated here contact HEXECO, Inc. for possible assistance.

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