upgraded bearing oil coolers


Heat transfer surface typically consists of aluminum fins extruded over a liner tube, integral low finned tubing, or bare tube designs. Extended surface bearing oil coolers can provide additional cooling capacity within the same space as a bare tube bearing oil cooler. Liner tube material is normally 90/10 Cu/Ni, with stainless steel, copper, titanium and other materials available.


original bare oil coolerupgraded finned tube oil coolerOriginal bare stainless steel tube oil cooler (far left) replaced with new extruded finned tube oil cooler design with stainless steel tubeside materials.



old copper coilnew upgraded finned tube unitOriginal bare copper tube oil cooler replaced with new finned tube bearing oil cooler with 90/10 Cu/Ni liner tubes.


original cooler before upgrade Finned tube replacement for bare tube oil cooler.upgraded oil cooler


replacement of copper cooler Two examples of bare copper tube bearing oil coolers replaced with fin tube designs.replacement cooler and old cooler


cooler half sections Finned Cooling coil half-section design upgraded to Finned 90/10 design.replacement cooler sections


original bare coopper tube coilreplacement finned tube bearing oil cooler Original bare copper tube coil replaced with new extruded aluminum finned tube bearing oil cooler with 90/10 Cu/Ni liner tubes.


cooling coil sections Cooling coil in two sections with upgraded fin tube design.replacement cooler

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