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End - User Inquiry Information:

At HEXECO we are always looking for opportunities to work with end-users at Power Plants to replace old, worn out or inefficient cooling coils.

If you need replacement coolers, up-graded coolers or new cooling coils, contact HEXECO and we will work with you to obtain the information necessary for us to provide a quotation based on your requirements.

Whether replacing old equipment or engineering a new design, HEXECO will provide drawings for your approval prior to fabrication.

Contact Information for Inquiries:

Mr. Kim Williamson - V.P. Engineering
N1102 29th Avenue
Berlin, WI 54923
E-Mail: kimw@hexeco.com
Phone: (920) 361-3440
Fax: (920) 361-4554

Thank you for your interest in HEXECO, Inc.

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